Saturday, October 27, 2007


SU's retired Snowflakes set is a nice set to make a simple yet elegant card. I bought the Staz-On white ink today. Oh ya, and if I had of really thought about I suppose I would have cleaned off my stamp right away instead of letting it sit there for an hour!! Duh why do you think they called it STAZ-ON?!! I'm very anal about cleaning my stamps and most of mine look like they're new and never been used. Needless to say, not anymore. I scrubbed and scrubbed and most of it's off now. Lesson learned. LOL!! Oh - the card is acetate. Can you see it?


I started this card on Friday. I was coloring my sockafellabella and trying to come up with a bunch of different colors but not too many to avoid making it look busy. I set it aside overnight for some of the glitter to dry. This morning I was checking my bellaholics digest and linked to Papermonkey and LO AND BEHOLD!!!! WE COLORED THE SAME WAY!!! Their clothes anyway but I thought that was funny. :) And both added puff to the hats! I used Marvy Liquid Applique on the hats, Stickles glitter over top and Doodlebug jewels for the berries. So I guess it goes to show that great minds think alike???!!!! I love this card!! Have I gotten over my creativity block? I sure hope so!!

Failed Birthday Attempt #2

Ok, this, somehow was even worse! I just couldn't get my mojo going! So to kind of fix it I threw gems all over the place! LOL!! My favorite part is the flower gems. I then attempted card #3 and was finally successful! But, of course, since she's a subscriber I can't publish it until next weekend. I'M NOT GETTING THAT SENILE YET SIMONE!! eeeeee heee heee heeee!!! BOL!!

Failed birthday attempt #1

Making cards for a fellow stamper can be tough sometimes. Especially when that fellow stamper is your twin!!! This was my first failed attempt at her birthday card. Needless to say she's not getting this one. It's an ok card to give one who doesn't stamp. I think that's passable but when you are trying to come up with a really great one, this just doesn't pass the test. But maybe you can use it to pull an idea or two off of it. Why should a blog be just for our best? LOL!!!