Friday, September 10, 2010

Welcome To Tara's Blog Hop!!

HAPPY FRIDAY PEOPLES!!  Wooooooooo!!!!!!!
If you have arrived from Carla's blog you are on the right path. 

Today's blog hop is a little different as it isn't about new images or prizes but all about one very special person and friend "TARA"!!!  This fun gal group got together to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  One of her favorite, and I really mean FAVORITE things is coffee!  COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE!!  I think one of MY favorite things about this group of people (including the birthday girl) is that we are not only blogging and scramping friends but we all know each other IN REAL LIFE!!  How lucky are we? 

So Tara I hope you have a super fabulous day today and spend the day well ... mostly the way you want it.  Treat yourself to an extra coffee cuz you are so deserving!!  Oh and in case you are wondering....yes, this one IS in the mail making it's way to you!!  BIG BIRTHDAY HUGS!

I also wish I could be there to give you this birthday cake.  Being that you are a super fan of coffee what a better one to send your way then this?

I hope you have enjoyed what you've seen so far and now just a few more to finish this blog hop off.  SO, on to your next talented crafter, my wonderful friend Tanya!! 

I'd also like to post this to Cute Card Thursday's challenge #129 of Play on Words.  Check it out for yourself!!  Love that little challenge blog!!