Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Magnolia's Are Skating!

Are these 2 just not the cutest EVAH?!!   I might be done Christmas cards but I'm not finished with making my winter cards.  This is actually a card I'm sending to my aunt because I didn't get quite enough xmas cards done so this is a Happy New Year one for her.  Tilda has Flower Soft on her coat and Spica Glitter in her hair.  Nice to see that in this picture you can actually tell where I put the glitter on the snow in the scene behind them.  I did cut out Tilda & Edwin and 3d-ed them but it's hard to tell on here. 


Hello all my friends out there!!  I am wondering if you can help me with something.  I am helping a friend try to find a relatively easy program to use for Slideshows.  If you can please leave me a comment on which program you use, I would GREATLY appreciate it!!

Thanks and Happy New Year to you all!!