Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blog Candy by Laurel!

This image was sent to me by Sheri Danielson. Isn't he cute? I made this card for Laurel's pink challenge for some blog candy! She's at 20,000 hits!! Congrats Laurel! You can play too if you like. Check out her blog for the deets!


Ok, so Simone and I discovered some new weird off the wall stamps thanks to Candace at Rubbah Soul. She has Gooseneck and Oh Joy and we knew we had to have them! My girlfriend, Sheri Danielson sent them to us from the US. Thanks Sheri! She thinks I have finally shifted to the dark side. LOL! I bought Oh Joy and Relaxin' and Simone bought Sheer. Creepy!

Heartfelt Thanks

This is a birthday card for my DH's gramma. Mine and Simone's bday, my MIL and her MIL all have the same date. So ya, 4 of use the same day. Weird or what?!! Anyway, Freda is a very English lady in every meaning of the word so I thought this was nice and dainty for a nice dainty lady.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Bellaholics Homepage Contest

Simone has entered a card on the Bellaholics website and needs some more votes to win. Her card is FANTASTIK and I think it would be so cool to see her card posted. Besides, I won last month so that would be even cooler given the twin thing and all. hee hee!! If you haven't voted and you do like her card, could we snag your vote? She would never ask and she might give me crap for posting this but I think she deserves to win. :)
Here's the cards:
and this is her card. Cute or WHAT?!

Monday, October 13, 2008


FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! (it's early) my DH gave me not only the most wonderful gift EVAH, he helped me build it!!! The Original Scrapbox! This is really big because if you knew my DH you'd know that he has very little patience but as he gets older is getting more. This project probably called for, not 2 (yes, only 2!!!) blowups but about 40 in the 3 day project. He amazed me this weekend!!! I MEAN AMAZED ME!! I'm still walking around in the state of shock and would love to know who replaced my DH. Nevermind, I'll take this one! LROL!! So a HUGE thanks to my room painter and scrapbox builder, my DH Mike.

Thanks for persisting when I wanted to give up and thanks for finishing this project with me BEFORE the weekend was over. :)

Before pic: I personally loved the blue and red together....NOT!
Please note the lovely green and brown trim. LOVE IT!

BEFORE pics:


I am just tickled pink and can't wait to get back to cardmaking next weekend. I am going through withdrawals!! LOL! Enjoy your short week! I know I will! :)