Saturday, March 29, 2008

Copics vs Prisma Color Pencil Crayons

Ok folks hang onto your hats!! Ok, just kidding no one wears hats anymore. I have been practicing with my new Copics and I really luv luv luv them!! aaaah haaa I'm in love with my Copics!! I'd marry my Copics!! For the record I know that was really immature but that was an inside joke for my sister. BOL!! (I really am cuz it's late and I think I've just turned into a moron!) So after I figured out how to blend them properly, that's when I decided how much I luv the darn things. I had a few practice ones that....yikes....made it straight to the garbage bin! This is a sample but I think when I did the pencil crayons, I really could have either used darker colors or filled more in. Either way, I do think they are both nice. BUT THE COPICS ROCK!! Someone had said somewhere that the colors were more vibrant. Ya think?!!
There Mom!! After all these years of you enabling me I hope I just got you back!!! LROL!! XO!

Another bella sistah card

Here's another great card from Laurel. Stamping bella!!!!! I love the tag on this one. hee hee Check out her blog - she's got some great ideas!!

Bella Sistah

My bella sistah, Laurel, is so good to me! This is the last batch of goodies she sent with the rockabella card that actually plays "Iiii wanna rock and roll all nigghhttttt and party every day........." I love the color combo!! She even sent me images of bella's that I DON'T EVEN OWN!!! Thanks Laurel!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Thinking Of You - Inkadinkado

I found this cute little stamp at our LSS this weekend. It's so cute!


A HUGE THANKS to Sheri Danielson. She's the one who sent me all 5 Sketch Copics on the right side to give me an idea of what they can do. I am using those lots! Woohoo! She's such a sweetie!
All my stuff finally came in!! I've been playing with my Copic Markers so that's why there's so few updates this weekend. I'm still trying to master that blending technique but I think I might need more lighter colors. I bought them both from My Favorite Things - great site! I bought Baby It's Cold Outside and Hearts Galore from that site as well. I also bought a couple of sets from Hanna Stamps: But I Need It and Rain Day. Penguin Hugs came from Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps and the rings came from Ribbon Ring. I have already organized this system and they are hanging on the back of the door to my stamping room. Looks soooo organzied and is a very inexpensive way of having a ribbon system. Anyway, I am off to play!! Have a nice Monday!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


My first card with this image and I just love it!! I made this for my sister-in-law's bday coming up April 1st. I know can you believe I'm on time?!! My first attempt with the new sew kits called In Stitchz by Bazzill. My sister bought me the templates and thread for a little gift yesterday. She's so sweet!! I just love her to bitz! :-)


This one is for Kathy Page, as she is March's Bella Babe for the whole month. That title is determined by taking a monthly card challenge put out by Bellaholicsanonymous, I think the first weekend of every month. I don't usually enter but this month I did so now I send the winner an RAK and voila! This is what I came up with. I rather like it! The blowing gem hearts was my sister's idea. I love it!

Old Lady

hee hee! I had fun with this card and have some more images to do but I just had to update! My sister got this set, not sure the name of it, from the Angel Company. She has a couple more cards posted on her blogspot if you're curious. My girlfriend is going on holidays this Thursday. I'm hoping it gets to her via snail mail before she leaves. I can just see her laughing now!! Ok, the lime green was a bit much but she'll love it!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Penguin Hugs

I was surfing the internet awhile back and found cards made with the Penguin Hugs set from Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps. Well, obviously a must have!! Waited 3 weeks and got it in the mail last night. Had to make a card right away so made one for hubby. :) He was due for a card!! Besides, I don't usually make them Thursday nights and if I wasn't going to sit in front of the tv with him, that was one sure way to say I needed to go to my stamping room. TO MAKE HIM A CARD!! hee hee - it worked!! ;-)


I made this for the Bella Challenge last weekend. I think that's the first challenge I've ever done!! It was fun and I ended up with a card to send to my bella sistah Laurel. Handy!! LOL!

Goodluckabella - Again

This card was made for a monthly post that I joined for Postabella. You can check out the details if you'd like. I had fun with this one!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


I made this card a few weekends ago for my bella sistah. At the time I made it, I didn't know who I had yet but figured how could you go wrong. I mean really.....she's a bella!! :) It was my first time flocking too - need to buy some different glue but I tried. LOL!!

My First Package!!

I am luuuuuuuvin' this bella sistah program!! I not only got the coolest package from my new bella sistah Laurel but have me a wonderful fellow BC'er!! LOL! We've exchanged a number of emails and chatted a few times already via Yahoo messenger! What a great match Tangi!! She's so clever she even sent me everything in green!! March......St. Paddy's you know? Took me a minute or two to realize. LOL! I was so excited!! I got 5 different kinds of ribbon, string that's very elastized (can't wait to wrap that around something!), 2 different kinds of green paper flowers - I really was needing some bigger sizes, beads AND GLITTER CHIPBOARD! Ok I'm off to go make a card with it! Thanks Laurel! Have a nice afternoon all!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

RAK Mwahbella

Ok last post of until next weekend. Waaaaaah! Oh my sister is so sweet. Look at the RAK she gave me today! Not sure if it's really an RAK but it wasn't for anything special so I'm thinkin' yup. I love how she did the falling hearts out of her hand. So cute! A must try for me! Thanks lil buddie!

Clickabella Stamp

Well mystery solved!! A number of you are familiar with the sistah swap from Bellaholicsanonymous and as you know, yesterday we were given our new bella sistah for the next 3 months. Well unbeknownst to me, I had cased my new sistah's card from her website!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! That is just too funny. Well at least I know I like her work!! :) Thanks Laurel! Visit her blog at Want2Scrap. She's very talented!


This card was so easy to whip up for my sister. This too, was something I used from Bere's generous package. It's a thank you to my wonderfully talented sister who was a hairdresser, quit, but still does family hair. Phew!! I am soooooo lucky!

I tried using only black, white or silver but in the end realized I colored her skin!! LROL!! DUH! It still turned out cute I thought. Oh and she looks NOTHING like this except for this card. hee hee We could only dream of being what looks like........tall. That's ok - as we get older we're starting to accept our underheight, slightly fluffy bodies. LROL!!


I just picked up this stamp on Friday and HAD to use it yesterday. I have 2 new cards but since I just acquired my new bella sistah and it's going in the mail to her, I can't share the other one just yet. The gem flowers were ones that Bere sent me in my huge package of stamped images. least I'll have something to post next weekend! LOL!


Yesterday I was scouring the blogs looking for ideas. I came across a number of blogs where I downloaded cards and put in my idea folder. Well.....later to think.....should have saved them under the card creator's name. UGH! So sorry I can't remember which site I got this from to give her proper credit! I cased this one with very few changes. The round tag placement was different as hers was tied into the black ribbon and I punched the right side of the black mat. Well obviously her card was soooo cute I had to go for it! Thanks for the idea whoever you were!! :) Oh and I'm using it for Administration day in April to give to our receptionist. Ya, a bit early but ....

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bella Home

I MADE MY BELLA'S A HOME! I luv it! I'm in luv with my bella tin!! It's the home to 30 bella's now and many many many stamped images! I wanted to honor Em and the bella's by using pink......and well, brown just goes so well with pink.I inked plain chipboard and covered each one with lots of Stickles. Added a bit of ribbon to the "b" and "a".The flowers in the righthand corner were also plain chipboard so I inked those and added Crackle Accents. The pearls in the middle are from Kaiser Scrapbook that I picked up for our LSS. The only thing I did to the buttons was add cinnamon Stickles to the heart & flower. The rest of the sparkle pink ones came like that.
This is the first product I've made other then cards and scrapbooking. I just luv it. Did I say that already? LOL! My eyes never get tired of looking at it! :)