Friday, August 6, 2010

Victorian Ladies Blog Hop

(Soon to be available in rubber - see SBS for details)


If you have come by way of Debbie's blog you're going the right way.  If not, you might want to start over at Simply Betty Stamps and participate cuz there are some great giveaways!!  (See below)

Today we have six wonderful new digis and I was lucky enough to showcase 2 of them.  This is Darcy and Timothy.  I have made my card more Victorian today then my Tuesday, Mina card.  (She was a smidge Burtonesque but still Victorian).  

Betty from Simply Betty Stamps says:

What's a hop without prizes and discounts right? (Funny but I SO AGREE!!)
So here it is...

Buy all six new Victorian Beauties for $12.00 using code 06VIC12!
Code will expire Sunday August 8th at 11:59 PM PST.

3 Lucky winners will win 2 New Victorian Beauties Digis of their choice by simply leaving a comment on one of our Lucky Blog Hopper's Blog. There is nothing you have to do, just simply comment, and one winner will be randomly chosen. Of course you won't know which are the lucky blogs until we announce the winners! Ha!

2 Lucky winners will win 3 New Victorian Beauties digis of their choice by leaving a comment on any of the blogs as well as here! Those winners will also be chosen randomly!

1 Lucky winner will win all six New Victorian Beauties digis by leaving coming back here and leaving a comment on your favorite card and why. One winner will be chosen randomly to receive all six new digis of the Victorian Beauties!

As a last minute decision, Betty of Simply Betty Stamps, has decided to donate half her proceeds of her sales to:

Now for something new... When I had my little Jude (21 months now) we were stuck down there for four weeks with his little premature issues! He was first released to us 9 days after his birth, we brought him home... and 2 days later he stopped breathing on us! It was the middle of the night, there was a snow blizzard and the paramedics couldn't get to us fast enough. Thank God my husband has EMT training! He brought him back after 3 minutes! Back to the NICU it was for us until about two days before Christmas! We were just so grateful as a family that we had this little bundle of joy for Christmas. It was long and trying to live in a hotel for the periods he was in the NICU. I live in the mountains and there are no Baby deliveries or facilities for special needs like ours. So, here is the reason for my long babble about my son's birth and the trials... I am expecting again, and have already started with a little bit of complications. However, all is well now and baby is healthy so far. As you can all imagine living in a hotel was expensive, there was a Ronald Mc Donald house nearby that would have helped us with housing for the period he was in the NICU but at the time they were all booked up. We were on the waiting list, but never got in. No worries though! I felt that the people in the Ronald Mc Donald house were in much more need than our family.

It's my turn to help and give back, I know they did not help us, but it was not because they didn't want to, when Jude was born there were 85 babies in the NICU!!! 85!! That was 85 families in need. I want to help, because I felt we were blessed with Jude and him over coming his issues. I also want to help just because... no reason needed right? So... here is what I would like to ask of all you wonderful ladies... I would like to make 100 sales... of course more is always welcome! 100 sales of all 6 new images with the discount of course, out of those sales I am going to give half, that's right half of the money from the sales to the Ronald Mc Donald house adjacent to the hospital where Jude was born, which is where this one will be born as well. And not because I want something back, but because the families that are there are in need. There were so many families that their babies didn't make it. It brought me to tears time after time to see empty beds a couple of days when I visited my baby while in their NICU. It seemed that almost every other day a baby was lost. It brought me to stop crying cause my baby was very healthy despite his episode! So, I hope this make sense to you all, and hope you can all help me give back a little to those in need. Thank you for reading my story and thank you for taking the time to make a purchase! Now onto happier times and a hippity hopping!

Your next stop will be
GLORIA, Creey Glowbugg!!
She's just plain friggin' awesome!