Saturday, March 29, 2008

Copics vs Prisma Color Pencil Crayons

Ok folks hang onto your hats!! Ok, just kidding no one wears hats anymore. I have been practicing with my new Copics and I really luv luv luv them!! aaaah haaa I'm in love with my Copics!! I'd marry my Copics!! For the record I know that was really immature but that was an inside joke for my sister. BOL!! (I really am cuz it's late and I think I've just turned into a moron!) So after I figured out how to blend them properly, that's when I decided how much I luv the darn things. I had a few practice ones that....yikes....made it straight to the garbage bin! This is a sample but I think when I did the pencil crayons, I really could have either used darker colors or filled more in. Either way, I do think they are both nice. BUT THE COPICS ROCK!! Someone had said somewhere that the colors were more vibrant. Ya think?!!
There Mom!! After all these years of you enabling me I hope I just got you back!!! LROL!! XO!

Another bella sistah card

Here's another great card from Laurel. Stamping bella!!!!! I love the tag on this one. hee hee Check out her blog - she's got some great ideas!!

Bella Sistah

My bella sistah, Laurel, is so good to me! This is the last batch of goodies she sent with the rockabella card that actually plays "Iiii wanna rock and roll all nigghhttttt and party every day........." I love the color combo!! She even sent me images of bella's that I DON'T EVEN OWN!!! Thanks Laurel!