Sunday, March 9, 2008

Penguin Hugs

I was surfing the internet awhile back and found cards made with the Penguin Hugs set from Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps. Well, obviously a must have!! Waited 3 weeks and got it in the mail last night. Had to make a card right away so made one for hubby. :) He was due for a card!! Besides, I don't usually make them Thursday nights and if I wasn't going to sit in front of the tv with him, that was one sure way to say I needed to go to my stamping room. TO MAKE HIM A CARD!! hee hee - it worked!! ;-)


I made this for the Bella Challenge last weekend. I think that's the first challenge I've ever done!! It was fun and I ended up with a card to send to my bella sistah Laurel. Handy!! LOL!

Goodluckabella - Again

This card was made for a monthly post that I joined for Postabella. You can check out the details if you'd like. I had fun with this one!