Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Explosion Box

So for many years I've seen these explosion boxes and thought - "Yikes that's far too much work for me!" was!  ha ha ha ha!  😀😁😀😁  But the end result is gorgeous!  I won't be making a lot of them but I have to admit, it was fun!  I used Maja's "Summertime" collection and added a ton of Wild Orchid Craft flowers, which you can see a huge selection of in the store.  

The is the top of the box to which I've added a few Scrapiniec butterflies.  There are two parts to them so with the first layer I distressed around the edges, glued the delicate second layer and then distressed again.  Here you see some WOC flowers, some pomegranate apples and a wax cord bow.

Ummm....these are hard to take pictures of.  LOL!  So that's why you're getting a whole whack of them!

Ooooooo so this gorgeous Wycinanka "3D Lacey Cake" is what started it all.  Well what else would you do with it except an explosion box?!!  Or course!!!   😀  You can't see it very well but I distressed all the edges before putting it together.  Then I glued on a row of pearls (found the inspiration online but sorry can't remember from who) and added more WOC roses.

Here's another view as it's not the same the whole way around.  

This is just to show that I do have another layer underneath.  I left it blank so if I actually decide to give it away one day, I can add photo's of the happy couple or some quotes.

This is Scrapiniec's "Mama's Front Porch" that I've sponged with some TH red ink on the flower hearts and brown for the flower pot.  Here's also another smaller version of the Scrapiniec butterfly that is on top.

These glasses are from an old Joy set that I've had for awhile but they were perfect!  I added a few more flowers and an antique floral bronze heart.  

More Scrapiniec for you!  This really is a perfect project for some gorgeous chipboard.  As I'm making this I'm thinking....dang!  I know there are some more pieces coming that I could really use so I held off but the post office didn't cooperate with me.  The nerve right?!!  LOL!  😁  

I had some doves in my stash and now I know why!

So there you have my first explosion box!  I wasn't scared off so you may see more.  Thanks for sticking with me through all the photo's and descriptions!  Let me know if you've made any!  I love to see others as now I have a file folder on my computer for idea's.  LOL!


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