Friday, April 22, 2016

MR Designs - Digital

New to M R Designs - DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING KIT!!!  And this one is PURDY!!!

This first set EVAH is called Shabby Pink Charms and comes with 54 elements.  The 12 x 12 papers come with this extra "quick page".  If you're new to digital scrapbooking all that you need to do is add photo's to quick pages.  This particular page took me 3 minutes to create.  Perfect!! 

See the quick page on the upper right?

And this page was done using almost all pieces from the new M R Designs Shabby Pink scrap kit.  The doily and sentiment are the only items from different kits.

So check out Michele's new items on Facebook or her online store.   Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Craft Room

FINALLY!  I have a lot of pics for you and a rather lengthy post so hopefully you'll get a good idea of my new room.  I honestly never thought I would have such an amazing room.  I still can't believe we even built a house!!  

So to start with here is a corner of my room.  I wanted to make sure I had a refreshment area including a sink for all my mixed media yucky crap.  I'm trying the room out first for awhile but I may eventually get some cabinets above the sink and counters as well.  It would be nice to have more storage, especially for my "other season" crafts like Christmas projects that are being stored in the bathroom closet.  LOL!  

I even have my own fridge, which is great as this gives us a 2nd fridge to store food for big dinners.  Right now I have beer glasses in the freezer as hubby had a beer tap installed on his bar so glasses are always cold!  Freezing in fact.  LOL! 

I LOVE the closets we had put in this place.  Not those aggravating bifold doors, although even those are better than they use to be.  You just pull on the handle (it doesn't turn) and the door is open.  Then when you close it, it latches at the top.  Very nice! 

Door to the left of the sink and where I store all my ribbon!!  

On the left side of the ribbon door are some of my Michaels cubes for my 12" x 12" paper and some 6" x 6" pads.  We also had a tv put on the wall but eventually that may get a bit bigger.  Maybe.  We'll see how often I use it!!  hee hee  

Another angle...I have yet to actually hang stuff on my walls.  I'm just not sure what or how I want to do it yet so we'll see how that goes.  

This is how I store all my Wild Orchid flowers.  Totally portable!!  I have another huge box in the closet too. Eeek!  LOL!!!  The 2 Paris boxes hold all the kinds of flowers that come in a package like Prima, Petaloo and Kort and Godt.  

I still need to label all these drawers but I've been too lazy...NO!!  Too busy I mean LOL!!  By the time I get around to doing that I'll just know what's in them.  And yes, they are all full!!!

I was soooo happy to score these paper racks for $50 each!!  Classic on Alexander decided to retire scrapbooking and change things up to a home decor store, which by the way I can not WAIT to visit!!  Sorry about the closed store but so happy and excited to see the new one.  

More Michael's cubes where I store a LOT of my mixed media stuff.  

All of my die cutting plates, big cutting dies and shape art are all stored in the top drawer on the left and my Grand Caliber and a few more things are in the cupboard underneath.  I always wanted a die cutting station where you didn't have to continually be moving your work in progress in order to use a die cutting machine.   

I store a lot of other embellishments on my Tim Holtz clip carousel and my Prima/Finnibair mechanicals etc., in the 2 plastic storage units beside it.

I bought another Michale's (Recollections) vertical file for all my current stuff or my "ok I don't know where I should put this so I'll toss it in there" file.  LOL!  The black tote stores nothing but my resin pieces.  

So here are 2 more seats aside from the island where a person really could work as well.  The far right is where I have permanently set up my printer so it's completely out of my way.  

This is kind of a weird pic cuz of the panorama but shows all one wall.  Eventually I am going to get more shelving above the seating area but nothing deep and something that is open so I can store some of my supplies.  When I see my stuff I use it.  

I maybe should have taken these pics at night but by then I forget.  LOL!!  So here is my 4-seater island and I actually remembered to have the foresight to add power to it.  The florescent lights are great but when you're coloring those Ott lights are even better!!

I have a cupboard at each end, 2 on each side and drawers in the middle of each side.  Originally I didn't have the cupboards on but decided I'd rather like to hide all my crap.  LOL!!  So it was an after add.

When I first walked into my craft room I was stunned.  The island was HUGE!!  Not what I had expected but now I wouldn't have it any other way.  The pattern of the countertop was NOT AT ALL what I thought I was getting but it grew on me.  You know when you get a piece for a sample?  Well... my sample piece was missing a few things but in the end it worked out perfectly.  With the browns in it, it turned out to match the flooring incredibly well.  Relief cuz that had already been picked out.  LOL!!

Aside from the sun and overexposed picture, the view is out into the back yard, which isn't finished yet but quite a pretty view anyway.  We have neighbors about half a kilometer away but we're only 8 minutes to downtown and 5 minutes to work.  Luuuuv that!  Home for lunch every day!

My whole room can be completely shut off to the rest of the house in case I have friends over or want to hold a class or two.  Nothing serious tho.  LOL!  These doors lead right out to hubby's man den.

This is where I normally sit and I actually set it up on purpose this way.  I can still watch his tv when I choose to and enjoy the heat from the fire.  I'm sure eventually I'll have to buy a space heater as this level is the coldest from the rest of the house.  And I mean noticeably different!!!  But that's ok it'll work out just fine!  Be a nice cool place to spend the summers!! 

In my last craft room, Rafferty had a nice place to sleep under the table (it was carpeted) but so far we haven't managed to find a place for him quite yet.  I guess this will have to do for now.  LOL!!  

I will admit, I am making far bigger messes these days with all this space.  One of my first challenges in here was trying to find a place to put everything.  I had to go and buy 16 more cubes from Michael's to put my stuff!!  Now they're full and I have no room to grow but if that happens, like I mentioned, time for more add-ons.  LOL!!  

Hope you enjoyed my post and for those of you who I told "it's coming" thanks for hanging in there!  LOL!!  It's been a big job and of course always the last room to get any attention.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fairy Wryn and Friends

I just luuuuv TI images don't you?!!!  I made this card just for fun.  YUP FUN!!  I also made it for my sister just because...well we've been so busy that I had put my crafts away for almost a year so I missed a birthday and xmas in there.  Oops!  But she's so sweet she ALWAYS understands.  She's just the best!  hee hee

This little cutie is called "Wryn - Fairy Friends" and I actually learned how to color her from my own previous experience but then fine tuned with a class from Kit and Clowder.  I'd like to do some more of my courses and now maybe I can!  If you haven't taken a class from Alyce, I must say they are AMAZING!!!!  Just do it!!  LOL!  

I used some gorgeous dies from Joy Crafts like the Winter Wishes Circle Die and foliage dies.  The purple flowers are handmade but you think I can remember what die I used?!  Nope!  LOL!  

Circle with flower die is what I used here, a Joy die as well from Noor Design UK.  Love buying stuff from Tracy's store.  She has amazing stock!!! 

How cute are those wooden hearts?!  As usual I also used a ton of Wild Orchid flowers from Live and Love Crafts and the gorgeous shabby chiffon ruffle trim.  Luv her store as well.  hee hee

I'm entering this card in the Noor! Design UK challenge - Anything Goes!
I've said it before and I'll say it again ... my favorite kind of challenge.  LOL!

OK well then!  Off to edit some more pictures or bake some muffins.  ha ha ha!!

Thanks for stopping by!



Sky:  BG01, 0000, 000 and V01
Skin:  E000, 00, 04, 11, 21, R20
Dress:  V12, 15, 17, 09
Mushroom Top:  BV01, 02, 04, 08
Mushroom Stem:  E41, 42, 43, 44
Wings:  W1, 3, 5, 7
Grass:  G21, 94, 99

Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Little Birdie Told Me

MORE FUN!  ha ha ha ha!!  This card is one I made for my SIL who's birthday was April 1st.  You almost giggle the whole time you're making these Crazy Cats or Birds cards.  I used some black wire I had in my stash and wrapped it around a thin tool to get it coily like that.  I think that's a word.  LOL!

Love this little sentiment too.  

HAAAA HAAAA  See the feather in his mouth?!!!  I have to tell you this wasn't my idea but I had to borrow it.  I saw it a few times online but can't remember exactly the card.  So funny!!

Anyway, I'm sure I'll be sharing more of these but I'll also get back to my frillies again!  

Have a great week!

Saturday, April 2, 2016


HA HA HA!  Isn't this hilarious?!!  Ok well I'm sure I've said that before about these Tim Holtz birds and cats but I still think they're funny.  I must really like this particular one because I just realized I've made 2 cards with him.  Anyway...this is a belated card for my FIL because he was away on holidays when it was his birthday.  Another successful guy card.  Woo hoo!!

I'm happy to say I even managed to use my distress inks!!  Having fun with those!!!

Ok off to knock more "to-do"s off my list!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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