Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Must See!

Sorry for stuffing your email bins today but I needed to play catch up! This last post (I think - lol) is a huge THANKS to Bere! A number of months back she posted on Bellaholicsanonymous about getting a huge order of bella's but the Mexican border made her pay even more to finally get them. She was just venting and in the same post mentioned how beautiful our paper is. Feeling so bad for her situation, I sent her a package full of embellishmens and paper. I didn't expect anything back as it was definitely a RAK. It took 2 months for the package to finally reach her. When it did she was ecstatic! As a thanks, this is what she sent back!! She told me it took her 2 days and I'm sure there's close to 100 bella & fella's. She also sent some cute gem flowers and I can't wait to use them! OMG! I couldn't believe it when I opened the parcel! Thank you so much Bere!


I had to post this!!! Mom says bella's aren't her thing but I think she did great on this Valentine's card for me & my hubby. I LOVE the swirls and must have them!! She even glazed the whole dress! THANKS MOM!

Wool You Be Mine?

Tell me this isn't just the cutest card ever!! My bella friend Sheri Danielson sent it to me. The fur is sooooo soft! She cut out the middle using the scallop punch. So easy yet I would never have thought about that one. I just had to share it!!! Thanks Sheri! :)

All My Love - CTMH

A little late of a post but here they are anyway. This was for my DH. I made the heart with clear gems and little teeny beads using double sided sticky tape. Yup challenging! The bottom has clear hearts, hence the jagged edge but I wish I would have used red so it was more visible. Darnit!


I can NOT believe how long it has been since I've posted. I'm trying to talk my DH into letting me quit my job. Ya, so far that's not working for me! LOL!! This card is for my aunt Elaine, who unfortunately won't be getting her bday card on time. My bad! Been so stinkin' busy but who isn't these days?

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Had to have this one since we newly acquired ROCK BAND!! This card I made and am unsure who is going to be the recipient yet but most likely my sister. She rocks but as an after thought I couldn't believe I didn't spell out rockSTAR! Cuz she is. I must do another one. My DH is a crazy rockSTAR too. They're hilarious! The card was hard to scan or take a pic of so I've put 2 on here. The flash bounces off the silver and the scanner doesn't pick it up but you get the idea.


This one I made a few weeks ago but since my SIL gets my updates I couldn't post it until now. She gave me the stamp for a christmas gift so I thought I'd use it for her bday card. I was pretty impressed about her not giving me a duplicate of what I own already!! She has a white and orange cat. I thought it was perfect!