Friday, July 25, 2008

More of Riley

Thank you grande!! I gave this card to my special mom. She came with me to a few appointments that I really didn't feel like going to by myself. I cut out Riley, colored him again and put 3D tape behind him and dressed it up with a clear gloss. Looks really nice IRL!

Don't get all excited - the stitching isn't real. LROL!


This one was fun - limiting but fun. My sister hired a trainer and she's doing so well! Losing inches and pounds and I just wanted to give her a little more motivation. Ok, well not like a card will do ALL that but ... LOL!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Titanic Page 2

Ok then!! LMAO!! Crisis diverted!!! It's all good now. So here is my new corrected page of Titanic. My how lovely it looks when things are spelled right. Wonder where the hell my spell check was on that one last night. ROTFLMAO! Oh TG my mom taught us to laugh at ourselves!

OMG!!!! Titanic.....

I CAN'T FRIGGIN' BELIEVE IT! I SPELT UNSINKABLE WRONG!!! And it took me to put it online to see it! I have a feeling the "n" I needed was on the floor after being blow off the table by the fan I have in here. WOW! Ok well then I'm going to go find my "n" or make a new one! Oh I can't believe it!!!!! I'm glad I found out now tho instead of a year or 5 from now. hee hee


It took me hooooooooooooooours to do this! When I first bought all the supplies for it I was so pumped. I knew exactly what I wanted to do to it. Then.....a week or two went by annnnnnnd brain dead. Crap.... Wow HUGE lesson on journaling right there for me. HOWEVER....maybe that was a good thing because I JUST LOVE THE WAY IT TURNED OUT! Thanks to Laurel for sending me a sleeve of different colored ric rack. I would never have bought that yellow color and it just sets the whole page for me. It's a color that doesn't really overpower the page.

The coloring doesn't quite match up online because I took the first picture with a flash but the second page kept giving me that lovely flash spot in the middle. I had to turn the flash off and hope for the best. The top burgandy/creme border peeking out on page one matches the bottom lower border on page two. I put crackle glaze on my lettering and distressed as much as I could.

I like how I tried to fix the Titanic with my trusty scrapper's floss. Hee hee!

When we went to the Exhibition in Las Vegas they give you a boarding pass and when you get to the end, you can look on the wall and see if your passenger made it or not. Ours did so that was a nice way to end the tour. LOL! We also found the name of a relative, Silvey (our last name). I always thought Mike, my DH was kidding about having family on the Titanic. NOPE!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Coffee Riley

I just love this new little Riley character from Hanna Stamps. I think I might have a new collection starting!! I've been a bellaholic for a few years now so maybe it's time to be a Rileyholic too!!! I bought 3 Riley's on my last order so we'll see how they turn out. When I got them in the middle of last week I was so disappointed at my own timing. I had lent my Copics to my LSS store because they are going to start selling them but needed to do some visual color checks. I didn't mind since I knew I was helping to enable fellow scramper/stampers HOWEVER!!!;--- I had to resort to my pencil crayon technique!!! OH HEAVENS!! Yes, I know!! It didn't turn out too bad but my 2nd card is Copics. OBVIOUSLY!! I'm still working on my shading but I'm gettin' it!!

My Cowboy

I came across this picture from May 2001, while rummaging through papers last weekend. It was about two weeks after I met my DH and our first weekend we spent together. I had a zoom lens on my camera, he was sitting on a fence (cowboys do that a lot - lol) and was just playing but I love the way it turned out! It was so hard for me to not add anymore to the page....cuz I'm like that - lol......but I think it's just perfect. I have to admit it's one of my favorite pieces I've ever done.

He doesn't cowboy anymore. When we moved he had to change his profession. He's an Explosives Technician now. If he was ever going to change from working on a ranch, which he loved, settling for "blowing shit up" is a great 2nd best for him. LOL!

House Mouse

I'm not sure what this one is called but a bella friend of mine, Laurel, sent me some stamped images so I thought I'd play with my Copics. It's so cute!! I added Stickles to the cone and filled in the rest with a clear glaze. They look like they are really enjoying their ice cream!!

NHRA 2007

Since we are going to Seattle to watch NHRA drag racing I thought I should finish off my pictures from last season before I get more pictures this year. Wow waaaay behind!! This is my favorite and once again looks much more colorful and vibrant IRL. Some of you will know who this man is but for others who don't, the is one of the men that made drag racing what it is today. His name is John Force and I actually got to meet him! He WAS looking at the camera but Mike wasn't quick enough but that's okay. He made up for that when we went to Las Vegas in April and took a great snap shot of me and Terry Fator!! I'll post that too when I'm finished.

Ipodabella & Rockabella

This is a late postabella card I am sending out this weekend. Oops!! Wasn't my favorite although I did like the coloring of the image. I used Copics and Stickles for both. Since it wasn't one of my favorite's I also made this rockabella card for her as well. Now this one I like! Using white cardstock is a bit out of my box but I thought I'd try it.

I used slate color Copic for the bottom of her pant legs and blended into gray. Then I used Stickles at the bottom and dragged the glitter up her pant leg with my exacto knife. Then I covered her pants with a clear coat. Looks great IRL!