Friday, September 6, 2019

Flippin Awesome Lawn Fawn

WELL!!!   I discovered something new this week!!  LAWN FAWN!   OMG they are so super cute  ......  ummmm and addictive!  WHAT THE HECK?!!  Anyway,  I wanted to play with something else as I feel like my style has just become the same ol, same ol.  Don't get me wrong, I still love it but I want to do something new with different techniques.  The first thing that has hooked me is this super cute "Flippin Awesome" interactive card.

WHAT??????  How did I not know about these things?!!  I'm finding there's a few things like that lately.  ha ha ha!!  Well, here is my first ever Lawn Fawn project and it won't be my last!!  

I've used a cute little Lawn Fawn clear stamp and die set called "Mice on Ice".

I also used Lawn Fawn's "Flippin Awesome" and the "Awesome Add-on".  That was a bit of a learning curve but there are a ton of tutorials on it out there.  Hmmm...maybe I should make one too!!  YUP!   Coming soon!!  hee hee  😀😀

It was a little hard for me to do something simple and then just leave it but it was fun for sure!!  I think I could get use to this!  Normally when I create a card I start out coloring on a different day and it takes a few hours.  I follow up later with the card and that also takes anywhere from 3 hours and more so this was nice to have something done in the same day.  LOL!

And now that I know how this is built, it should get put together a bit more quickly.  I also spent time taking apart all my dies while I made this.  Oh get all these little dies attached to start with.  Now I just have to come up with a way to store them.  Still thinking on that one.  🧐

I did make a mistake on this one and that was not finishing this last flap that says "Joyful" but managed to stick in one last scene.  Ah it worked out!!   

I hope you like it!!  I know it's completely different from what I usually do but it was fun for sure!  Ok I know I said that already but really...IT WAS!

Thanks for stopping by!

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