Friday, February 2, 2018


I did post my amazing new craft room a few years ago but I wasn't finished yet.  I have since installed more cupboards and a wall display and now it's done!!  I have had a number of people tell me they'd love to see where I work so here it is.  I didn't have the upper cabinets so had those installed in the summer.  Hubby says just because you have more room doesn't mean you have to fill it.   WHAT?!!!  You do realize I'm a crafter right?!!  LMBO!

I love this big closet ... it's full.  ha ha ha ha ha!!   In the rolling carts I have all my flowers and in the green organizer's I store all my embellishments.  

This is my favorite part of the room as it hosts everything cool!  LOL!!  The wall display was just installed this past week hence why it isn't full yet.  That'll come with time.  I'm so happy with it.  

Taking pics in lighting...well I've still not perfected that but anyway, I love the CREATE letters I've put above the window and although you can't see it, my view is amazing of the back yard.  It's just full of snow anyway.  Bleech!  LOL!!  

Oh ha ha ok yes and the island for 4 is my favorite as well.

This view is my double doors leading from hubby's man den into my craft room so we can separate out both rooms if we have friends over or want to watch our own TV's.  

Speaking of TV's, you can see my laptop so that is my normal station and when I look into his man den I can see his monstrosity of a TV over the fireplace.  I think it's a 78" and curved so you can sit anywhere and have a good view.  It's great to watch a movie or sports on.  hee hee

Just one more pic of the island. 

And there you have it!!!  This is where I spend most weekends and I love it.  I am soooo lucky and appreciative of what I have.  I never thought or even dreamed of having something like this.  I walk into my home and then my craft room and after 2 years I still can't believe it's mine!!  WHAT?!  For me?!!  LOL!!!


Scrappyrpnprn said...

WOW!!! You have done a fabulous job on your craft room! It is sooooooo gorgeous! Well done my friend!

Candy said...

AWESOME!!!! You lucky girl.....
What a wonderful place.
Big Hugs, Candy

Sue Crease said...

What an amazing place to craft and spend time. I'm sure I'd feel blessed too if it were mine.
Hugs. X

Petras Bastelschätze said...

Wow a lot of space and beautiful cabinets to accommodate everything. That's what every hobbyist dreams of.

Emma said...

OMG this is bigger than my living room. I'm soooooo jealous right now lol
Em x

Jennifer D said...

Wow this is AWESOME and I am in love with your high table! Keep up your Gorgeous Crafting.xxxooo

Karla Yungwirth Designs said...

Gorgeous space!! Love the island and all the wonderful storage!