Sunday, May 25, 2008

I've been awarded!

Thanks for the blog award Laurel!! Isn't this cute? Oh I am inspired by so many blogs myself. If I've ever stuck, I can just go to one of the links on my blog and that helps to get me through whatever I am working on. Now I'll pass this award on to my sister Simone! Check out her blog - she's very very creative!


I just love these 2. Just sittin', relaxin', catchin' up on gossip. This was my loud color day. You don't have to do too much when you have busy paper like that. I used my copics for coloring again but it's still lots of practice.

Oh and .........

I did want to mention also, that I had previously gotten goodies from Laurel a few weeks ago too. I wanted to post a pic but I can't get it off the internal memory of the camera. My cord doesn't work anymore. PMO. She sent a whole crapload of embellishments, another fantastik Laurel card, some chipboard swirls from CTMH and distressing cubes from CTMH. Love them!! Never tried distressing inks before. COOL!
What a great bella sistah and great first experience of being one myself. Our 3 month stint is almost over and it's people like her, who make this kind of thing work. At least I know for next time that it can be a lot of fun. I would also like to thank Tangi, the Bellaholics organizer of bella sistahs. What a big job and perfect match up! Thanks!

More Goodies!!

Thank you Laurel!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I got some more goodies in the mail on Friday and have already used some of them!! I just love the ric-rack ribbon! I got some more stamped images (they are so cute!), charms and a package of paper from CTMH. Love coordinating papers!! I will be able to use some of that for my scrapbooking. And take a look at her card. Talent, talent, talent! Sometimes when I'm stuck I visit her blog to help me get inspiration and ..... unstuck. Eeeeeeee heeeeee heeeeee!! Yippeeee! Thanks so much!!