Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SCS Challenge

After viewing Laurel's end result to the SCS Challenge I thought I might want to try it out. The idea was to make cuts in a 6" x 6" double sided bg paper and use it for 4 cards. I didn't want to compete but I figured 4 easy cards in a short amount of time. Ya! Right!! What a joke!! I have learned my lesson now! I need to "think" and "plan" before I sit down and do cards. That's just the way I work. 4 freakin' hours later!! Or more!! Holi cow bob! And I'm not exactly thrilled about the end result but I will use them. I think I'll stick to just sketches for 1 card at a time for awhile yet. LOL!
The only thing I have to tell you about is on this polar bear card I did fun flock the bear and his scarf so he looks a little faded but so cute and cuddly IRL.


I made this card for my sister. Isn't it cute? This is the 3rd card this week I've used the Basic Grey background for. I just love the swirls and green gems (also which Simone gave me). I have no idea where the stamp is from but I'm pretty sure Laurel sent me the image. Her and Sheri have sent me so many images (they are sooo good to me!) that I sometimes get them mixed up as to who sent me what. Between the 2 of them and Simone, they are all soooo good to me!!