About Me

I LOVE CARD MAKING!! I truly understand what passion means now. It's crazy that there can be a hobby that makes one so stupid excited about supplies!! LOL!  I have met the most wonderful people through crafting cards and scrapbooking. Although I'll be honest, I hardly ever scrapbook anymore.  I just love making cards too much. 

I'm a TWIN sister, daughter, aunt, SIL and wife to people who I love very very much and have family everywhere!!  I have a great sense of humor ... although very colorful sometimes...hee hee and I come by that naturally from my mother.  She is one funny lady.  My twin and best friend lives in the same town as me now and we do share the passion for card making although she doesn't get as much time to indulge as I do. 

My husband is very supportive of my craft - thank gawd - and along with my mother are 2 of my biggest fans.  Although I would have to say my sister has both of them beat and is my #1 fan.  What a wonderful crew. 

AND MY FRIENDS....you are all too good to me!  I so thank you for the support you show me.  BIG HUGS!!