Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shopping Trip!

Normally I don't post what I buy because it's always in little driblets ...... is that a word? However, last weekend was a HUGE exception. My mom, her friend Ralfie, Simone and myself went on a shopping trip to Kamloops. It's about 3hrs away but we don't have half the stores they do! This was my big splurge!! We had sooo much fun and laughed soooooooooo hard all weekend! It was great! The Christmas Stack is so very cool and my sister bought the Glitter Christmas Stack. Great to have someone to split things with! Christmas Stack, Fiskars cutter, Gems, Prima Xmas flowers, Xmas stickers, rectangle Nestabilities, Chalk inks, Snow punch and Halloween ribbon. Yippeeeeeee!

American Art

Just TRY and tell me these aren't the cutest stamps evah?!! They're from American Art - A bit expensive once they got here but hey......stamps are stamps!!! If I like them enough ....... well .... you know the rest!!


I was telling my mom and her friend, Ralfie last weekend that once in awhile Simone and I have very similar tastes in card making. Here is one example that I could sooooo see my sister having made. But she didn't. I did. :) Isn't this image cute?!! I can't wait to make more. I really need to call in sick for work one day. LOL!


This would be my stamping enthusiast. Doesn't he look impressed? Actually, he's usually worse. We call him Mr. GrumpyPants most of the time. He has a 'tude. My DH took this pic last night. He was trying to get on my scraptable and when I told him no, this is what he figured "no" meant. "Okay, I'm not REALLY on your table.......well not all of me anyway!" WHAT A BRAT!

Thanks to Christine

It all started out with a simple comment "I can send you some if you like". I can't even remember the stamp but Christine liked something on my blog so I mentioned I would send her some. Well, why send just 1 image? I did up a little package and off it went. This is how she responded!!!! OMG!! I will be coloring until the cows come home which I am FINE with! I was dumbfounded when I got home after work one day! She even sent me a couple of stamps she had duplicates of from Whiff of Joy!! I couldn't believe it! The card she sent is so cute too!