Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Year's 2007-08

Ok, so I'm a little behind. LOL!! I had a hard time with this page because of the colors. They aren't really "in" right now so finding stuff to match each other in my stash was tough - but successful!! YAY! My sister and I don't drink too often but for some reason felt it needed to be done this year. Who knows why. We couldn't have been too bad tho because we felt okay the next day. LOL! And yes, a few pictures we look stupid as hell but we can't always show just our "pretty" side can we? Here's for a few laughs. Ya sorry Simone....not really...snicker!! :)


My sister is a bit of a shy one so I'm sneaking out a post before she stops me. She made some fantastic cards today that you must see! This is her blogspot - As My World Turns. If you click on them they get bigger but the detail of the bestfriendsforevah is so cute! She used stickles and put a gem in the middle of the flower on the r/h friend's dress! How sweet! I love them both!