Sunday, February 3, 2008


Had to have this one since we newly acquired ROCK BAND!! This card I made and am unsure who is going to be the recipient yet but most likely my sister. She rocks but as an after thought I couldn't believe I didn't spell out rockSTAR! Cuz she is. I must do another one. My DH is a crazy rockSTAR too. They're hilarious! The card was hard to scan or take a pic of so I've put 2 on here. The flash bounces off the silver and the scanner doesn't pick it up but you get the idea.


This one I made a few weeks ago but since my SIL gets my updates I couldn't post it until now. She gave me the stamp for a christmas gift so I thought I'd use it for her bday card. I was pretty impressed about her not giving me a duplicate of what I own already!! She has a white and orange cat. I thought it was perfect!