Saturday, January 5, 2008

7 Things About Me

Good grief I can't believe I haven't posted in over a month! Trust me I did make cards but you all know how hectic christmas is I'm sure. Just before Christmas I was tagged by Michelle from Bella Kitty Creations asking me to tell 7 things about me. Sooooo, finally I am getting back to my blog. Here goes!

1) I am a twin and by luck, we work together.
2) I have no kids, but I do have husband, 2 stepchildren and a cat. The decision to own a cat was scary enough and he pretty much takes care of himself! LOL!
3) I LOVE LOVE LOVE stamping and aside from taking one more step to being a demonstrator of some kind, am a stampoholic just as much as the next.
4) I am a fan of hockey and my favorite team is Vancouver Canucks. Vancouver is 6 hours away but we still manage to see a few live games every winter.
5) I live in the same town as my mother and my sister. Yay!
6) Every spring we try to take a trip far enough away that you have to fly. Helps shorten up the winter season.
7) My dream is to win the lottery! I'm not greedy but just enough to open open my own stamping store and quit my real job. :)

Ok, so that is probably more then 7 things but once you start you can't seem to quit. LOL!

Now I am off to do some scrapbooking. Yay! My first of the year!!

Have a great new year to all who subscribe and thanks for taking interest in my blog!!!!


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Sheri said...

Hey Eulanda, maybe if we each win a small lottery, we could go into business together :) I would love to go on a far away trip each spring. We usually take a trip every summer but mostly we drive.