Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Must See!

Sorry for stuffing your email bins today but I needed to play catch up! This last post (I think - lol) is a huge THANKS to Bere! A number of months back she posted on Bellaholicsanonymous about getting a huge order of bella's but the Mexican border made her pay even more to finally get them. She was just venting and in the same post mentioned how beautiful our paper is. Feeling so bad for her situation, I sent her a package full of embellishmens and paper. I didn't expect anything back as it was definitely a RAK. It took 2 months for the package to finally reach her. When it did she was ecstatic! As a thanks, this is what she sent back!! She told me it took her 2 days and I'm sure there's close to 100 bella & fella's. She also sent some cute gem flowers and I can't wait to use them! OMG! I couldn't believe it when I opened the parcel! Thank you so much Bere!


Sheri said...

WOW! You can color for a loong looooong time with all of those. You are a lucky lady - is that one of every bella Em has?


SherryBee said...

awwwww. that was so sweet!!! Both of you!!!
Isn't email/snail mail just great!
I know it made your day! But, it was well deserved! You were a sweetie, too!
Have a great day!
SherryBee in AZ

Susan said...

WOW! your coloring skills might outlast your eye site.How lucky can a BELLA get. You deserve it!
Your mom's card is lovely!

deb said...

WOW!! Now that makes me smile! Nothing like your favorite Floorabella!! LOL
Awesome and have fun!! Lucky gal!!