Saturday, March 8, 2008


I made this card a few weekends ago for my bella sistah. At the time I made it, I didn't know who I had yet but figured how could you go wrong. I mean really.....she's a bella!! :) It was my first time flocking too - need to buy some different glue but I tried. LOL!!


Laurel said...

I love the card, she is so cute, and the greens are perfect. How did you flock? Do you have black flock? The pants are so me, nice comfy velour lounge pants (yes I live in mine! and they are black too). Thanks again so much, I have used some of the images already. Love the pic you took of your stuff, so nicely displayed, I have to work on that when I take pics. Mine usually just look like piles if you KWIM?

You are awesome!

Danielle Richard said...

Love this card!! I need to figure how to make or get those corner embellishments!!! Let me know!!! I also love your haircut...Your bangs are exactly what I want...I'm printing off your pic to take to my hairdresser!!! LOL!!!

Laurel said...

Just have to tell you that Danica found the card on my desk today. She really liked it, she wants me to make one. She rubbed the pants and loved those!