Saturday, May 31, 2008


I have to make cards for my FIL, dad and stepdad and fortunately they will never see each other's cards, YAY, so I can make them all the same! I colored the first guy on the left about a week ago learning from Alex Maldonado's site then did these 2 other guys yesterday. If you haven't seen her stuff, it's a must see.
I added some white glitter over the dirt to make it look like sand. The first time I saw that was on a card Sheri Danielson sent to me a few months ago. What a great idea!! Thanks!
I also embossed the image as I still find I can't find the right combo of ink and paper that doesn't smudge while I am blending my Copics. I tried 110lb paper as I saw suggested somewhere but that didn't work. Obviously the wrong paper but I'll keep trying.


Courtney said...

I'm not sure what you are currently using for your Copic's but I use paper that is actually designed for drawing Anime. It's 110 lb white paper that comes in a pad and I bought it at my local college book store. It works really good and it's pretty darn inexpensive! I use Brilliance Graphite Ink and don't get too much smudging as long as I wait for the ink to dry. Sometimes I'm a little impatient.

Sheri said...

I love your grillafella. The shading is perfect! Thanks for the ideas. Since I just received some stamp offs of him from you, I may try it out. I use PTI paper and Brilliance Ink just for an FYI


Kim said...

Love your cards! The sading is AWESOME...I need to learn that technique! You cards are GREAT!
Hugs~ Kim

stampingtink said...

Great job! Thanks for the tips on the sand. Love it! Great colors! For the bleeding, I've heard that using the Georgia Pacific cardstock from Walmart and either Brillance or Noir Pallett (spelling may be a bit off), you shouldn't have any bleeding or running with copics. Just a suggestion.

Christi Flores said...

Adorable cards!! I love them! I use Papertrey White and Palette ink and never have a problem. HTH!

Laurel said...

More great cards. You are so good with your copics now!