Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ipodabella & Rockabella

This is a late postabella card I am sending out this weekend. Oops!! Wasn't my favorite although I did like the coloring of the image. I used Copics and Stickles for both. Since it wasn't one of my favorite's I also made this rockabella card for her as well. Now this one I like! Using white cardstock is a bit out of my box but I thought I'd try it.

I used slate color Copic for the bottom of her pant legs and blended into gray. Then I used Stickles at the bottom and dragged the glitter up her pant leg with my exacto knife. Then I covered her pants with a clear coat. Looks great IRL!


Laurel said...

Oooohhhh, Eulanda's back! What do you mean looks better IRL, looks great here too! I love both of them, I really love how you blended the grays!

Jacqueline TresBella said...

I would love to get both!