Sunday, July 13, 2008


It took me hooooooooooooooours to do this! When I first bought all the supplies for it I was so pumped. I knew exactly what I wanted to do to it. Then.....a week or two went by annnnnnnd brain dead. Crap.... Wow HUGE lesson on journaling right there for me. HOWEVER....maybe that was a good thing because I JUST LOVE THE WAY IT TURNED OUT! Thanks to Laurel for sending me a sleeve of different colored ric rack. I would never have bought that yellow color and it just sets the whole page for me. It's a color that doesn't really overpower the page.

The coloring doesn't quite match up online because I took the first picture with a flash but the second page kept giving me that lovely flash spot in the middle. I had to turn the flash off and hope for the best. The top burgandy/creme border peeking out on page one matches the bottom lower border on page two. I put crackle glaze on my lettering and distressed as much as I could.

I like how I tried to fix the Titanic with my trusty scrapper's floss. Hee hee!

When we went to the Exhibition in Las Vegas they give you a boarding pass and when you get to the end, you can look on the wall and see if your passenger made it or not. Ours did so that was a nice way to end the tour. LOL! We also found the name of a relative, Silvey (our last name). I always thought Mike, my DH was kidding about having family on the Titanic. NOPE!

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deb said...

OMG this must of been awesome!! I would love to do that! When I lived in MPLS they blew the original whistle of the Titanic and I was there! I love the movie and have several books on it! I would love to go there, oh, I feel a vaca coming on!! So glad you survived!!!