Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cupcake Mouse - Whipper Snapper

My friend Laurel sent me one and only one image (at the time anyway- now I have 6 - thank you!!!) of this and since I really wanted to use it (cuz OMG I have seen some crafty, cute, cute cards made with it) I had to be very very careful!! I combined a lot of ideas from Laurel's cards to make this one.
I used Copics to color and Stickles on the cupcake sprinkles. Stickles for sprinkles - say that even 3 times fast! I sat it in my office at work for a week cuz I just loved how it turned out! ha ha!! I 3d'ed the whole image on the creme colored paper and yes even the whiskers were cut out. Too bad you couldn't see it more. I'd take another pic but I gave it to my mom for her bday!! hee hee


Sheri said...

That is adorable! And you 3 d'ed it too. I can't believe you cut out the whiskers! You are too clever, my dear. Bet your mom loved it!


Anonymous said...

This is just too cute. I just found your blog from going to your sister's blog first. I'm Cheribella that sent her the award. I am very happy I came to check you out because your cards are awesome! TFS