Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SCS Challenge

After viewing Laurel's end result to the SCS Challenge I thought I might want to try it out. The idea was to make cuts in a 6" x 6" double sided bg paper and use it for 4 cards. I didn't want to compete but I figured 4 easy cards in a short amount of time. Ya! Right!! What a joke!! I have learned my lesson now! I need to "think" and "plan" before I sit down and do cards. That's just the way I work. 4 freakin' hours later!! Or more!! Holi cow bob! And I'm not exactly thrilled about the end result but I will use them. I think I'll stick to just sketches for 1 card at a time for awhile yet. LOL!
The only thing I have to tell you about is on this polar bear card I did fun flock the bear and his scarf so he looks a little faded but so cute and cuddly IRL.


Laurel said...

Oh wow, I love thise cards! Love them! Love the colors, the embossing the snowflakes, love it all!

Anonymous said...

WOW! You made some wonderful cards, my friend. I especially love the polar bear with the little chick. Love the colors of all of your cards. You need to enter them!