Saturday, August 22, 2009

Changito - Mojo Monday

I entered this card awhile ago on a Mojo Monday challenge but couldn't post on my blog because it was off in the mail to a friend. Thank goodness she finally got it and now I can post these cute little guys. They were fun!! I used the silver Spica glitter pen on the bumper and glazed the top of the cab and the lights but you can't see it so well. Anyway, not going to list all the supplies cuz I forget already!! So what did I learn? Create the post when you make it and delay the date of the post. DUH!!! LOL!


Laurel said...

You are too funny! What a fun happy card! Love those cute monkies!

Sheri said...

And I was the lucky recipient of that card and I can tell you it is the most amazing card I have ever seen. It had to take hours and hours to create. Thank you again, my dear friend

Anonymous said...

Super cute Changito. The coloring is great, too.