Saturday, September 5, 2009

Choosing background paper

Back in the beginning of August I had received this message "Hi, I am rather new to card making and to the Group. It is hard for me to pick out the dp, it takes a long time I hope that it gets easier.  Looking at everyones cards gives me hope.  Linda W." as well as a few other comments about choosing DP paper so I thought I would just mention what helps me.

The easiest thing I can tell you is to buy more then 1 sheet of the same line of DP paper.  Here I have bought 4 sheets of 3bugsinarug "Let In Snow" christmas line.  Each of these papers are double sided as I've shown in my pictures, which now gives me 8 different background patters & various colors to use.  I can use the green, red, brown, blue and even white colored cardstock. 

There are so many choices other things I have to think about when I'm making a card that anything to make it easier for me is something I'm all up for!! 

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