Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Blog Candy

So since I'm in the middle of packing and moving, the only thing I can update you on is some blog candy on blogs I subscribe to.  OMG I'M GOING THROUGH WITHDRAWALS cuz ALL my scrampin' supplies are packed!!  Anyway, enough pouting for now.  :-)

The Inking Spot of Crain Creations - Tangi's birthday is coming up and she wants to celebrate!

Great giveaway!! 


Graphicat said...

We're right there in withdrawal with you! Need my Eulanda card fix!! Whatever will I do till you've unpacked?!?! you AND Chris... stuff packed! What is this world coming to I ask you?!

So seriously...how long?
Did you want to come borrow some stuff...scrap in the pink room? Just you know...so your followers can get their fix and all. ;o)

Rosa Forino said...

thanks!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

LOL I am making sure that my whole house is unpacked before I unpack my scrapbook room!! It is so hard!! :) Good luck on the move!!