Monday, July 26, 2010

Snowman Poop Tutorial

Hello all!!  So many people were curious about the snowman poop that I thought I would throw together a quick tutorial.  And I  mean QUICK cuz I have so much to do...don't we all tho?!!

Next you will decorate the front of you package any way you want to.
You can find more inspiration at

Finished product:

The sentiment was printed from my word processing program
and is NOT a stamp, although one should be made
don't ya think?!

I hope this helps and if I've left anything out please let me know
as I did this pretty quickly.  hee hee.  I was really amazed at how
many people had never seen these and how many people
said they were going to be making them.  HAVE FUN!!!


Carisa said...

omgosh, that is so cute! i love it.

Sarah said...

LOVE the snowman poop! even if it IS in July! lol I think Ethan and I aregoing to make them for his xmas presents to his peeps! hehe thanks for the tutorial girl!

SpantastiKreations said...

Thanks for the tut....I will be making these this holiday season.


Theresa99 said...

Awww...thank you for posting the side view and more detailed instructions so FAST!!! Boy are you good!!!
Again, I had a GREAT time on the HOP!!


"Um Buggin" said...

These are just adorable! Thanks for the instructions, will keep this in mind for the holiday season. Great time doing the blog hop.


Michelle said...

yes I have seen them before, but never the instructions so thank you !! they are too cute!

CookingRN said...

super cute. I'm gonna have to steal your idea! hehe:) love it!!
how didyou make your snowman? was it a stamp?

stephanne said...

Awwwwwwww, such a cute idea!!! I have an obsession for sending people cocoa and this, wow, this idea really ups the ante!! Fabulously cute and looks yummy too!!