Tuesday, October 5, 2010



If you have hopped over here from Chris's birthday card then you're on the right track.  If you'd like to look at all of Cheri's birthday cards you can start at Janet's birthday card

Cheri's likes: PINK and COFFEE but unfortunately I made up the card before I knew about the hop and sorry my dear, but you ain't gettin 2 cards.  LOL!  Besides, nothing wrong with a wine card!!  hee hee

So now you know why I told you to NOT to look at my posts from yesterday.  Cuz I made the Lil Lolita preview card for you but I was thinking the release would be AFTER your bday.  Of course, when I realized they are 17 hours ahead of us I had to hurry up my butt and post my preview card for yesterday.  LMAO!!   So many of you will be seeing this for the 2nd time 2 days in a row.  hee hee  No worries I have lots of stuff heading your way this week. 

So!!  Happy birthday my dear friend.  I hope your day goes well...if you have a cup of coffee in your hand and are blog hopping right now, you're off to a good start!  

If I could bake you a cake this is what it would look like so here is your virtual coffee nummy.  LOL!

Now off to Sara's birthday card!! 


Anonymous said...

Love the cake!! It looks so good!! Where on earth do you find these cakes cause I want one now :)

Hill Top Creations said...

Love the card love all the new releases you have up. Cake looks great . Take Care

Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that card! Love the image and WOW with all the deets! I hope that cake is real not just a picture, it looks yuuuuuummmmy!

Teila said...

Wow, I LUV it! I was admiring it yesterday too - LOL! And you're absolutely right, there is nothing wrong with a little wine - Heeheehe!

Graphicat said...

Ah man girl! Good thing I dont wear make up or it would be toast by now! :o) This card is SO FABULOUS! I LOVE HER, I want that stamp now.... :o) And hey...whaddaya mean I dont get 2 cards?!?!?! ;o) Thank you So very much, for this card, for this hop, for just being you and for being my friend. You make my days brighter just knowing you're there. :o)
Love you
PS.....OMG Im gonna need more space to put all these awesome cards....look out Jay, I'm takin out the wall to the other room. ;o) LOL

Graphicat said...

Im not sure if I made myself clear or not in my last message.... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! SO VERY MUCH!!! IM JUST OVER THE FRIGGIN MOON WITH WARM FUZZIES AND HAPPINESS. :O)

Sarah said...

OOOHH! Love this card Eulanda!! I'm glad you posted it twice, because I did see it yesterday, but didn't have the time to give you some luv! did you make that flower or is it prefab? Love it either way! so nice of you to give Cheri a cake too!

Tanya S said...

Wow,what a great card hun!!She's on my wish list!!Well it don't matter that it's not pink,this is perfect.love all the details.The flowers rock!Is that ribbon around the image?I always wanted to try that but wasn't sure how it would look.It looks so cool!

Anonymous said...

Amazing and awesome card, Eulanda! You do have a real talent for using all the goo gaa's and making it look like it's easy!!!!It's not!!!!!

Jennifer said...


Your card and cake look scrumptious!!! :)

Honestly, I don't think I would ever think to put that many things on a card, but the effect is amazing!

Thank you so much for sharing!

Crafty hugs,


Silvie Z said...

wow, what an awesome card, Eulanda! love how you colored her and all the embellies look gorgeous!