Saturday, November 6, 2010

Attitude Award

Apparently a number of people think I have attitude.  WTF?!!

Thanks to my creepy friend Gloria
My Canadian friend Nicole and
Carol my Granny friend
but ALLLL wonderful card creators, among other things!!

Before passing this on, one of the rules is you have to tell people 3 unknown facts about yourself soooooo:

1) I can't drink coffee with caffeine.  I know, then it's not coffee.

2) I try not to let the different foods on my plate touch before I eat it.  That's gross ... but my sister is like that too.  LOL!

3) I hate being awake after my husband goes to bed so I go the same time he does.  Makes me feel really lonely.  I know....odd for many of you who find that's when your making your cards is when hubby has hit the hay. 

Now I get to pass this along to 5 more people with attitude:
1) Cheri

Ummmm apparently I have mostly only friends that start with a "C".  WHAT?!! 


Graphicat said...

Ahahaha!!! I love all the "C"s!!! hehe....and's not real coffee. :oP

CraftinGranny said...

You are just too funny! Your attitude is a good one that's for sure! "Hugs" Carol

Catherine said...

Shockingly, I've been told I have an attitude before! LOL
Thanks for this. And I'm so glad to be part of Eulanda's "all the cool people I know have names that begin with 'C'" club! teehee

Anonymous said...

I don't think you have a 'tude...:/ snicker