Friday, January 28, 2011

Simply Betty Challenge #4


This week's challenge comes from a little girl who won a challenge at SBC during Christmas.  The prize was for Betty to create a custom digi image and so voila!!  Here it is and this digi is called Emmy.   Isn't she sweet?  So yes, the challenge is to use a SBS image and bring on the bling!!  Pearls, glitter, flowers, whatever you can think of to enhance your card.

Emmy and her mom got to join us this week so check out their cards, along with the other ladies on the DT at 

Sorry I didn't get all the details put together for this card but I made it a week ago now.  LOL!!  If you're curious about anything, let me know.

I hope she enjoys it cuz it's on the way to her in the mail.  Things are always better to see in real life.  

Oh and BTW - this was the 2nd card I ended up making.  The first one I took apart and was able to save my image (phew) cuz GOODNESS GRACIOUS IT WAS UGLY!!  Funny how 2 posts ago I was high 5'ing myself cuz I kicked butt on a card and was thrilled with it.  See?  It works both ways.  LMBO!!!


Lelia Pierce said...

I have no idea what the last card looked like, but this one is gorgeous! I so love the little "frame" of tulle and all the flowers!


Trickut said...

Super Sweet card, Emily and I love the flowers, the pretty blue and Emmy really loves how you added to the wings!

Thank you
Rachel and Emily

Hill Top Creations said...

Lovely card really well done. Take Care

~Lady B~ said...

This is beautiful! I love the tulle and flowers! So pretty!

Sheri said...

What a adorable card. You kicked butt on this one as well! I can't believe that the first one was ugly. I have never seen you make an ugly card. It was just your imagination.

Donna C said...

totally adorable ! Funny about the tulle frame on your card though as I just was working one around a card tonight and ended up throwing it in the garbage as it just didn't work the way I wanted it too ....... sure didn't look as good as your's ! LOL ! Love the color of your tulle !