Monday, May 2, 2011

Magnolia-Extravaganza Contest

So as a number of you know I entered a project and card in the Magnolia-Extravaganza Contest.  I didn't win but I did get a random $25 gift certificate, which is better then a kick in the pants so I'm happy.  LOL!

Thanks to all who voted for me!!  I have no idea how many votes I had.  Would have been neat to see.  THANKS AGAIN!!


Lori aka Lo Lo said...

Oh that's fab! Have fun shopping!


Creative Tara said...

well boo for not winning, but hooray for $25 to spend, cuz looking at your cards lately I was thinking how you must be needing more Magnolia stamps LOL. Happy shopping!

Sarah said...

congrats on winning the gc!! It's too bad that you didn't win the grand prize because you TOTALLY deserved to, but at least ya got some money to buy some goodies!!

Sassy Scrapper said...

Whoooo Whooo Whoop Whoop! Yeah I am totally doing the happy chair dance for you!!! Congratulations!!! As you know you had my vote!!!!
Hugs Bonnie

Judi said...

WOW! That's great news - I'm sure you'll pick something nice for me, lol.


Judi xx

Sheri said...

You are a winner in my book! Have fun shopping!