Friday, October 5, 2012



What a great day to have a birthday my friend!  And what a special one at that.  WHY?  CUZ IT'S YOUR 40TH!!  And so far, being 40 isn't so bad so welcome to the club!!  And what a bonus to be aging well you gorgeous thing you!!  

So a few of us are celebrating online with you starting here with me and CJ!!

  I felt that a Queen deserves a Queen-like card.  hee hee  I'm hoping it's in your mail today and that you can check it out up close.   

OH and I made you THESE TOO!  But then I ate it all.  HA HA HA!  I WISH!  Wouldn't that be something?!  Well it's the thought that counts right?  hee hee

OH but did you think this post was over?  HELL NO!!!  Cuz I need to show you one more card from your wonderful friend CJ!!  ISN'T THIS CUTE?!  She too was reaching out to your inner royal Highness.  LMBO!  Love that butterfly!

Have a wonderful day my friend!!  Oh and you're right - it's 2 weeks not 3.  ha ha ha!  See you soon but for now, hop on over to alphabetically friend #2.  LOL!


Carol may be having some technical difficulties so you might need to hop on over to


I have a sneaking suspicion that you will love what's coming up next!!  Enjoy your 40th blog hop cuz you're don't get another one until your 50.  ha ha ha!!


Hill Top Creations said...

Lovely cards ladies.. hope to see you all soon take care

Graphicat said...

OMG! I so did not expect this this morning! Thank you my friends. I am having a tough time with this birthday, not so much because of the age...but because of my body falling apart....
This definatly cheers me up alot tho! Thank you. Your cards are GORGEOUS as are you! Can't wait to have them in my hands so I can oooh and ahh over them in person.
Love you both so much!

Christina C. said...

WOW.....both of these cards are fit for a queen!!!!Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

Scrappyrpnprn said...
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Scrappyrpnprn said...

I love this card Eulanda and it is perfect for our Queen! Your card making skills are endless and I Bow down! Lol! Amazing and thanx for postin mine too girlie!

Tanya S said...

OMG That is a perfect image !That flower is so cool.Me needs lol !! Great card hun !

Bron said...

Firstly that Starbucks photo left my mouth watering, lol!
Love your card Hunni and the colouring as usual is perfect.
Big hugs xxoo

Katie said...

OMG! These cards are gorgeous- definitely perfect for a queen :) Hugs, Katie

Sheri said...

Absolutely fit for a queen. Beautiful cards! Now for the Starbucks. What is all that stuff? Looks delicious and I have a gift certificate. Believe it or not I have never been there. Always heard the coffee was really strong and I am not a fan of strong coffee.

Kelly said...

You are such a tease, It is morning here and where is my coffee! Now I need to go to town and get some.
Great card, I love the touch of black that you added on your card. Tilda is gorgeous and she is going to love it.

Louise said...

Eulanda, youre showcasing two absolute beautiful cards here! I love them both but you know Im a sucker for anything pink so I simply adore that one! Stunningly cute :) I love all the gorgeous details you added too :) My eyes are crossing trying to grasp all the beauty ;)

Biggest of hugs