Sunday, September 15, 2013

See You Around

I could just cry!!  One of our favorite, sweetest and most awe inspiring crafters has chosen to leave the crafting world to spend more time with her family.  However, that's THEE BEST reason I could ever think of and I'm so super happy for her.

We've been on a few teams together but the most recent one was Live and Love Crafts and no matter what team she was on, she always brought her A game!!  And what a game she has!  A complete style all her own but so gorgeous!  Her mind shows no boundaries.  I mean this is something I would NEVER have thought to do!  Seriously how incredible is that?!! 

Look at these!!  More of Louise's GORGEOUS creations!  My eyes were always satisfied when I came to your blog.  So much wonderful eye candy there.  I have plans of going to save a bunch of her cards to my Pinterest then when I get stumped I have all of them in 1 place.  

Today the DT from LLC has some farewell messages and cards for her and this is mine.  So Louise, I decided to make you an actual sticky notepad easel card.  This way you can have it out year round if you like!!  I tried to channel my inner Louise and use pinks, flowers and softness because to me, that's a true Louise card.  hee hee 

It's not super easy to get a perfect picture of this because the camera wants to focus on only part of it (I still need camera practice) but Louise, you'll be able to inspect it IRL.  The nice thing about sending something to a fellow crafter is that if something falls off in transit, you know the recipient can fix it.  hee hee!

So, please join me in giving Louise a standing ovation from around the world for all her amazing inspiration and contribution to our crafting world.  We will miss you terribly but are so happy for you and your future.  I'm sending you a big warm hug from Canada and "saying see you around".  I can't stand to say GOODBYE so I'm not.  No way uh-uh.  LOL!  MWAH!


Crafteezee said...

Ahhhhhh Eulanda, Louise is going to love this. Gorgeous Chic Shabbiness.
Hugs Tracy x

Elin said...

Oh how sweet it is. Love the idea with the "post it" block... Hmmmm, may I steal it and try it my self? :p

Sheri said...

Louise is very good at her crafts. But look at that post it note holder! Seriously? Awesome! I love it! Once again you knocked it out of the park :)

Candy said...

Sorry your friend is leaving.
She will never forget you, making her such a wonderful gift! I can't get over your card, Eulanda!! Such beauty! Your colouring is astounding! Love the sticky note and thank you for the tutorial :) All your embellishments are beautiful.
Big Hugs, Candy

Kelly said...

Your writing is a awesome farewell to your friend, and the card is gorgeous and she will love it! I am sorry that she is leaving, her work is amazing! I feel for her as family is important but I am sure she will be back.
Beautiful tribute.
Hugs Kelly

Unknown said...

Thank you for the idea; it was great that we as a team could get together and do this for Louise, she's such sweet girl and I know she appreciated it very much. This is so beautiful and lovely put together. I think it's Louise spot on! Hugz, Sandy