Friday, May 22, 2015

"Adore" Mixed Media

Another piece from me but MY OH MY did it start out HORRIBLY WRONG!   WHAT?!!  WELLLLLLL I thought I would try some brighter colors but it did NOT WORK OUT!  So...out comes the black!!!  ha ha ha  So there you go.  We don't always succeed right from the get go!  Go ahead and laugh your butt off.  I did.  HA HA HA HA!!

I'm really enjoying these things but I can't wait to go to Finnibair's classes in July.  At least I know I can do the composition part anyway.  

I've had this ADORE metal embellishment for years and finally a great reason to use it!!  The bird is a Prima resin piece just perfect atop the SRTC bird cage.  

Just a whole lot of trinkets from Prima and some Junkyard Findings, probably more.  hee hee

I used some gorgeous pieces from SRTC and some are new releases.  
GAR-602, PAT-607, MISC-567

Thanks so much for stopping by!!


Hellma said...

Eulanda you are so hard on yourself I totally love the bright version, but also love the cover-up.

Sheri said...

I think it is cool! I like the black!

Unknown said...

such a beautiful piece, and no don't be hard on yourself, part of the enjoyment is building up the layers of colours. I too am only 'dabbling' in this style, but find I always paint with really dark or bright first then tone things down or brighten up after, I think you get better depth of colour that way. Visit me at

Scraptastisch said... try this also jus like me! It's so much fun to do, but
I also try sometimes Mixed Media, and there is so much to learn! Do you have seen my blogpost at 18 April, that was my first project a calander! I love this project and I think you can't waiting to follow Finnibars classes!
xx Gerie