Sunday, March 27, 2016

Fairy Jar

ISN'T THIS KA-UTE?!!  My sister made me a fairy jar as a house warming gift!  You may have seen a few of these around but now I have one of my own!!!  At first she had some tea lights in and because she used a regular sized mason jar, there wasn't enough light.  I found a strand of battery operated lights so just dropped those in there.  LIT RIGHT UP!   I especially like how one landed so bright as if she's holding a light in the palm of her hand.  That was a fluke!!!  

Love how the fairy looks like she's flying in on some fairy dust.  Great positioning with the swirl of pearls she added!

Just love how she decorated the top.  One of her first projects she's done in about 3 years and she hasn't missed a creative beat!!  Incredible!!  

I think on the outside she put 2 layers of tissue with mod podge.  I can ask if you're interested.  

Thanks my little buddie!!  LOVE IT!


Candy said...

Absolutely AWESOME!!! Your sister is just as talented as you are :o)
I would love to make one for my Granddaugher and another for a friend.
Do you think your sister would share her instructions.
Many thanks.
Hugs, candy

CraftinGranny said...

Oh wow, Simone went way above and beyond with this. What a gorgeous creation she has blessed you with. Give her my best!

Kelly said...

Oh that is cute, I love the fairy silhouette and all the embellishing, yum! She naturally has creative talent, lucky her. I want photos of your house! lol
Hugs Kelly