Monday, August 14, 2017

Wishing You

A Happy Christmas!

I KNOW I KNOW!!  Crazy!!  So I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas cards in July.  On the one hand we all look at Christmas images and paper and think OH MY GAWD!!  On the other hand it's like "Ooooo OMG I can get started!!"  😀  Goodness knows I have a long list and I HATE doing more than one card of anything so normally they're all originals.  Yup leave it to me to make it harder for myself.  LOL!  So I just HAD to use the new papers from Pion Design called "Long Ago In Bethlehem".  They are very GORGEOUS and so traditional!!!

Here I am at it again with my Foamiran flowers.  I have decided something.  I think the shape of the flower is important but nothing to get super finicky and stressed over.   I find that it's what's in the center that is just as important and maybe moreso.  I'll see if I stand by that after making more.  LOL!  Oh speaking of which, have you seen the huge selection of stamens in the shop?!!!  OH MY!!!  Just incredible!!!  As you can see I even have some rolled flowers.  I heat the die cut with my iron and the more I heat, the smaller the die gets so I can have all kinds of sizes of rolled flowers.  I've got some pretty teeny ones.  Very cool!!!    

I had some of these rusty stars in my stash from last year and had kind of forgotten about them.  Well...forgotten or maybe moved on to other kinds of cards because the season was over.  Isn't it a wonderful surprise when you hit your stash and can get excited all over again?!!  HA HA HA!!  Oh and I love this new SISAL product in the store.  What neat stuff!!  

Anyway, there you have it for my first Christmas card of the year.  I have made some winter ones but this is officially my first.  I really like that a lot of suppliers are bringing out seasonal supplies a bit earlier.  I'd like to think it will help me be all organized and stuff.  Well...we'll see how that goes.  LOL!!

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