Thursday, December 26, 2019

Horace & Boo - Slurpy Ice Cream

Good day!!  Today I'm going to share how I made it look like my sentiment is made of chipboard!  😀   First to mention tho, I chose to pair up these cuties with the gorgeous "In Love With Autumn" 6" x 6" craft papers.

This image is from the Horace & Boo line called "Slurpy Ice Cream" and I used the Posydoodles Rectangles to cut my shape.  I've colored them with my Prismacolor pencil crayons and gave Horace a licorice ice cream cone.  Mmmmmmm I think that would be rather delicious right now!  I envisioned Boo's ice cream to be some kind of orange chocolate treat.  You know the chocolate mandarin oranges that come out at Christmas time?  You smack the orange on the counter and it breaks it into a bunch of individually wrapped orange segments that taste like orange chocolate.  Now that I'm describing it, it doesn't sound tasty but trust me it is.  😜

For my faux chipboard as I've named it, I cut 6 pieces of my Celebrate sentiment from Bazzill cardstock but any cardstock would work, especially anything thicker.  I then glued each piece using my glue stick as the tip is a lot thinner than my glue bottle tip.

After I finished gluing it, I embossed it using UTEE extra thick embossing powder and I did 2 layers of the powder.

Once it dried it was quite hard so you really might think it could be chipboard.  I also added the UTEE to the banner at the top but used shimmer embossing versamark so it has a bit of a sheen in real life.

I added a few flowers here and some gold leaves I had in my stash.  These leaves shape rather easily so they didn't have to lie flat like they came in the mail.  I have to be honest, I'm far too lazy to die cut leaves.  Isn't that awful?  But I normally have so much going on with my card that I sometimes think it's enough before leaves even enter the picture.  🤣  Works for me!!!

Is there anything that you create and can call faux?  I love when that happens!!!

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Grass - Pale sage, Sap green, Kelly green, Olive green, Kelp green
Collar - Jade green, Muted turquoise, Slate grey
Dog - Beige, Peach Beige, Light Umber, Chocolate
Cat - Warm grey 10%- 90%
Popsicle stick - Cream, Beige, Ginger root
Cone - Deco yellow, Canary yellow, Yellow ochre, Goldenrod
Chocolate orange ice cream - Sunburst yellow, Yellowed orange, Pumpkin orange

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