Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Ula Swishy Tail - Clear Polymer Stamp set

When I first started this ocean themed card I had no idea where it was going to take me but by using layers and more layers, I'm extremely happy with the end result.

The very first thing I did was color up this image, (Ula Swishy Tail available as a clear polymer stamp set) using my Prismacolor pencil crayons and picking some papers to match.  I've used pieces from Starfish & Sandcastles and Mermazing Ocean but have you seen all the ocean themed digi papers in the store?!!  MERMAZING!!!  The selection is 😲!!

I found some ocean pieces and cut them with my Silhouette, then colored using my copics.

I figured I needed a nice big anchor so I cut one, again using my Silhouette, then I covered it with a paper using the Mermazing Ocean again.  Starting to really love my Silhouette lately and am using it more for things like this and oooooo shaped cards!!  You still can't beat the quick use of a die tho.

Here are where my layers start, adhering pop up dots for each.  As I added the 2 pieces of ribbon to the middle layer, I realized that now, the top layer will have to be higher but this allowed me to sneak the hemp netting under the top right layer so it worked out perfectly.

Here you can see a side view (which you wouldn't notice unless you deliberately flip it on it's side) and by the time I added some hemp netting to my anchor, it's about 1/2" high.  No, it's not ideal for mailing but sometimes you have that special person who you can hand deliver to so go nuts with layers!

Because this card has so many built up layers, it allowed me to add some real seashells.  That was great because I've had a stash of those FOREVER!!  I even got to add a fair size clear gem as well.  More stash.  🤣

I hope you've enjoyed my card for today!!  Do you make layered or CAS cards and which do you find easiest if you do both?  I do both but YIKES, I find CAS cards very challenging!!  That's an incredible talent all in it's own.

Thanks for popping by!

Skin: White, Light Peach, Peach, Burnt Ochre, Chocolate
Eyes: Spring Green, Apple Green, Dark Green
Starfish: Deco Pink, Hot Pink, Process Red
Hair: Non-Photo Blue, True Blue, Violet, Dioxazine Purple Hue
Tail: Cobalt Turquoise, Aquamarine, Light Aqua, Non-Photo Blue, True Blue, Violet, Dioxazine Purple Hue
Shell: Beige, Light Peach, Salmon Pink, Burnt Ochre
Seaweed: Canary Yellow, Sunburst Yellow, Goldenrod

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