Sunday, March 2, 2008

RAK Mwahbella

Ok last post of until next weekend. Waaaaaah! Oh my sister is so sweet. Look at the RAK she gave me today! Not sure if it's really an RAK but it wasn't for anything special so I'm thinkin' yup. I love how she did the falling hearts out of her hand. So cute! A must try for me! Thanks lil buddie!


Danni said...

That is such a great card! Lucky you!!

Catherine said...

all your Bella cards are gorgeous =)

Laurel said...

Hey there, me again. I nominated you for a You Make my Day award, see my blog for details.

Susan said...

Lucky you---I have 3 sisters & since we've lost both parents, I hardly hear from thm or my brother.
You're really busy with your blog & it's ssoooo nice!
As someone said, you need to be nominated for a "YOU MAKE MY DAY AWARD"! Cheers, friend!