Sunday, March 2, 2008


This card was so easy to whip up for my sister. This too, was something I used from Bere's generous package. It's a thank you to my wonderfully talented sister who was a hairdresser, quit, but still does family hair. Phew!! I am soooooo lucky!

I tried using only black, white or silver but in the end realized I colored her skin!! LROL!! DUH! It still turned out cute I thought. Oh and she looks NOTHING like this except for this card. hee hee We could only dream of being what looks like........tall. That's ok - as we get older we're starting to accept our underheight, slightly fluffy bodies. LROL!!


Anonymous said...
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Laurel said...

Love this card. She is one of my newest bellas that I just got and haven't played with yet. Not sure why I got her, No one in my family is a hairdresser! I'll find a use one day!

deb said...

This is WOWOWOWOW!!! I love this card!! You did a great great job on it!!!
I love her hair!! I know that paper must sparkle!! Ohhh, now I want to make one! Well have to go and buy my Bella!!