Monday, September 1, 2008


My mom is such a card! (aaa ha ha ha!) She probably has the quickest wit out of anyone I know and believes that there is humour in everything in life. Even when it's not exactly appropriate but even pulls that off with class and respect. Boy has she proven that time and again! She made me a get well card (it's okay all, I'm fine) and obviously giggled her ass off when she was making it! Anyway, here is her latest - who ever said Riley was a guy?!! A scrunchie in the ponytail, earrings, extra eyelashes, blush on her cheeks, lipstick, BOOBS!! and a bellybutton! If you look really close, she even put my name on the mug! Isn't her detail amazing?!! I know if there was somewhere that she could have put nail polish on her hoofs she would have! The inside said "This is you with extra makeup on pretending you're feeling better then you are!!!" LMAO!! I was so impressed! Ahhh I love my mom! :)


Anonymous said...

Mom is halarious!!! OMG, that card is sooooo cute. Ms. Riley, snicker.

Laurel said...

So cute, now I know where you get your creativity from (and your wit!)


Sheri said...

Can I be your newest sister? Tell mom I am not feeling very well. What a hoot!


Barb said...

LOL! This is cracking me up! So very cute. A Riley with boobs and lipstick! LOL! Gotta love that.