Sunday, October 19, 2008


Ok, so Simone and I discovered some new weird off the wall stamps thanks to Candace at Rubbah Soul. She has Gooseneck and Oh Joy and we knew we had to have them! My girlfriend, Sheri Danielson sent them to us from the US. Thanks Sheri! She thinks I have finally shifted to the dark side. LOL! I bought Oh Joy and Relaxin' and Simone bought Sheer. Creepy!


Laurel said...

Love these! I love that Halloween paper, and that spiderweb cuttlebug, I keep eyeing that one up, have resisted it thus far! LOL!

Anonymous said...

OH I love what you did with these, they're so creepy I love them!

Berry said...

I loveeeee these guys ohhhhhh eulanda you are such an enabler