Monday, August 3, 2009

I HAVE to share this

My mom is so sweet and she has saved (unbeknowst to me) every card I have ever made her. If you have someone like this, check back and see how far you've come. So many ladies have commented on my cards about how they could never be as creative as I am. Well I'm here to say that "YES YOU CAN!"
I have been making cards for about 5 years now and over the last year have seriously "upped the anti" on my card making. I spend hours in my craft room coloring, cardmaking, blogging and surfing. Some days the hubby isn't the happiest about it but give him his PS3 and a case of beer and I'm good for a day! LOL! Some things I never knew I could do was have a blog that hosts over 100 followers. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! People actually want to see MY cards?!! Mine? Are you sure?
Apparently so and I want to see all of yours too. So, I suppose for all of those who say you will never be able to or you can't, you're probably closer then you think. You've already made the biggest step and that was the first one. BUYING PRODUCT. The rest is time and practice just like anything.
Anyway, to now reveal my first card - WOW!! And you all can go ahead and giggle because I think it's hilarious!! I opened the email from my mom at work and literally bust a gut right at my desk. My how things change!


Starry7678 said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I have finally bought two Tilda stamps, have invested a little into copics and hoping I can color as well as these fine talented ladies! I love your blog and your cards!

Sheri said...

Not bad but let's just say "you've come a long way Baby"!

Shawn said...

How awesome that your Mum kept your cards, that is so sweet. It is good to look back where you started as in your case my gosh you now make "CardArt". Your home page card is absolutely stunning!!!

Laurel said...

OMG how adorable! You have definately come a long way, now you are outstanding!

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

Too funny! I think we can all remember our "firsts"........but's cute! And it's so very sweet of your mom to save every card ('course I save all of my kids & granddaughters cards
Thanks for sharing your cute first card!
Huggies ~

d edgson said...

Oh yep I have saved every card!!! And I am not a pack rat but cant' bear to throw away hand made cards from anyone. I know how much work goes into them as I too make cards. I have them all categorized ie. birthday, christmas etc and sometimes on each of the occasions that come around I will put all the ones I have ever received out with the new ones.
Yes, this girl has come a long ways with her creativity!!! Talented, what can I say!!!
The mom!!! XOXOXO

Graphicat said...

That is so very sweet!! ;o) Great mom! Great cardmaker!

Anonymous said...

Hi,I am rather new to card making
and to the Group.It is hard for me to pick out the dp, It takes a long
time I hope that it gets easier.
Looking at everyones cards gives
me hope.
Linda W.

Katherine said...

It's a very cute card, but WOW, have things changed! I'm the same with with my layouts... but when I look at my old scrapbooks I cringe! lol! At least that's still a card you can share. My first pages will stay hidden, I think :)

Unknown said...

What a cute card to start out with! Since I just started scrapbooking/blogging, I'm so thankful for stamps like Edwin/Tilda and Gorjuss Girls! Nonetheless, you're an inspiration!


Anonymous said...

You've come a long way baby!!!:)