Monday, August 3, 2009


A few of my new found friends have helped make the transition of my sister moving, a bit more bearable. I just wanted to say thanks to ALL of them.

Sheri - thanks for being there via email. Your words of encouragement have helped and it's nice to know what kind of friendship you can have without ever meeting someone. I greatly appreciated it!!

Chris - thanks very much for the lovely flowers and the coffee breaks you take with me. I appreciate the time you have taken to check in on me as the week goes by. So nice!!!

Cheri - Thanks so much for the card wall hanging (below). Your work is amazing and I am honored to have not only 1 but 2 pieces of your artwork. Thanks for thinking of me!! Made me feel a whole lot better!
If you'd like to check out more of Cheri's amazing talent please check out her blog. I just LOVE her scrapbook layouts & cards. Great stuff! ISN'T THIS FREAKIN AMAZING STUFF?

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Graphicat said...

AW! Thank you so much Eulanda! That is so sweet of you! you are very very welcome! I loved making them for you. And thank you again for your admiration of my work! It makes me feel good to know someone who's work I admire, feels the same for mine! You are often my inspiration when I've hit a block! I hope to chat with you soon and see you sooner!
Hope all is well!
Cheri aka Graphicat