Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Bella Blinkie with Border
It's time for me to make space for new stamps so I am selling my Stamping Bella collection.  If you are interested, please let me know and I can send you a Pay Pal invoice, or you can pay by email transfer or send a cheque.  I will send stamps upon receiving payment.  

My stamps have been taken care of, in excellent condition and have no ink stains.  

I have linked up each stamp to a picture on the Stamping Bella website.
Shipping will be only what it costs me to ship.  I can send you a quote if you like.  I have priced my stamps down by approx. 30%.  Some of them have been used only once.

My email is eulandac@yahoo.com

Babyfellabella - $5.10USD

Bikababeabella - $5.60USD

Billboardabella - SOLD

Bubblebella - SOLD

Cakeabella - SOLD

Clickabella - $5.60USD

Feelabella - $7.70USD

Fishafella - $4.90USD

Flowahbella - SOLD

Giftabella w/Hat - SOLD

Goodluckabella - $5.80USD

Grumpabella - $3.70USD

Hitchedafellabella - $6.30USD

Huggybellas - $5.80USD

Javabellas SOLD

Kittycattabella - $4.40USD

Lattebella - $5.10USD

Leaning Tower of Stella - $4.90USD

Loveybella - $3.70USD

Mamabella - $3.70USD

Merrybella - $4.40USD

Mwahbella w/Words - $7.70USD

Partygirlabella - $6.65USD

Rockabella - $4.40USD

Sockafellabella - $6.29USD

Staceyfishabella - $5.10USD

Tangled Stella - $4.90USD

Tis-the-Season - $7.00USD

Walkabella - SOLD

Wreathabella - $5.10USD

If I have left out any particulars please let me know.  This is the first time I'm selling anything so bear with me.  Thanks everyone!

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Judi said...

Oh, my goodness Eulanda, what are you planning on buying with all the cash you're gonna make?

Have a great day.

Love Judi xx

Anonymous said...

Wow they are going fast! I can't wait to see the new stamps that you buy with your money! :)